The Listening Console

The listening console is part of the CDN Manager application and is intended for qualified technical support staff.

The Statistics tab shows the current state of the STB, firmware, RTP stats, etc.

The Listening Console tab is able to simulate the remote control, send messages to end users and send debug commands.


Most of the Listening console commands are intended for high level debugging for the developers, however, there are a few commands that are useful for technical customer support.


sendLogout Logs out the user
debug_keycode_on Displays remote key code when remote button is pressed; verifies STB detects remote.
debug_video_on Displays debug info; displays the mast address the STB joins.
getBannerDelay The banner that is displayed when changing channels; time in milliseconds
getCurrentTime Displays STB GMT time
getEASParams Displays EAS FIPS code and parameters
getFips Displays FIPS code of STB
getParams Displays STB ID; current firmware; and other parameters
getRecordingsMetadata Displays recording schedules, what has been recorded; and what is scheduled to record
formatHDD FORMATS the STB hard drive; use extreme caution
reboot Reboots STB


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