Supporting CSRs

Customer Service Reps (CSRs) are an important part of any organization.  They are the first point of contact for customers in need of assistance.   We all strive to empower CSRs to be able resolve problems quickly and efficiently.  

Here is brief reminder of the tools built into Conklin-Intracom’s cdn|foundation™ to help your CSRs succeed:

  • fs-cdn GUI holds the tools for provisioning subscribers.  Using profile-based user logins, CSRs can have defined access to sections to manage subscriber details, reset passwords, billing details and modify subscription levels.
  • Listening Console is a web interface to remotely control subscriber STBs.  A CSR can chose to use the image of an remote control device with live buttons to drive actions on a specific STB or send pre-defined commands, then review how the STB responded.   The CSR can send on-screen messages to the subscriber’s EPG during a remote session.
  • Web Portal Interface is a website open to subscribers for self-serve operations, such as, PIN management, scheduling DVR recordings and adding video subscriptions.  A CSR can access the same website on behalf of a subscriber and perform the same tasks remotely.
  • STB monitoring tool is an optional web application for monitoring groups of STBs and initiating on-screen messages.  A CSR can be granted limited access to monitor and access STB activity for subscribers within specific groups.   While accessing information about a specific subscriber they can access the Listening Console and Web Portal Interface to affect live changes.
cdn|foundation Provisioning Subscription modifications Reset PIN passwords Reset STBs Track STB activity Messaging
fs-cdn GUI Included X X X
Listening Console Included X X X
Web Portal Interface Included X X
STB monitoring tool Optional web application X X X X

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