Self Service – Web Interface

Did you know that we offer a web portal for your subscribers to manage their accounts and set top boxes?

The Subscriber Web Portal is web management tool for cdn|foundation subscribers, and can also be used by your CSRs for subscriber and set top box support.

Once activated, your subscribers can access their account information from any web browser.  It allows tech savvy subscribers more options to remotely manage their set top boxes.

Here is list of the account management functions subscribers can access:

  • Manage Users and set top boxes
  • See available subscriptions
  • Change passwords and PINs
  • See a live channel guide
  • Manage whole home or network DVR recordings
  • Modify channel settings
  • Change color themes
  • View local services, eg. Weather

If you are interested in activating the Web Interface for your subscribers, please contact

The below video provides a brief look at some of the features.

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