Sample graphs from the Monitoring Tool

The Monitoring Tool is an optional Conklin-Intracom web application that assists the operation support team in everyday set top box troubleshooting tasks. The tool is able to collect data from several sources (i.e. system modules & STBs) and combine it into a single view that assists the operator in locating any potential problems within the fs|cdn Anywhere application.

The Tool includes a Database that continually stores all collected information and maintains a history of actions for a minimum of 20 days (configurable). The data are presented to the operator in near real time.

The process by which the Monitoring Tool accomplishes the above is two-fold:

  1. The modules that are involved in the end-user serving chain submit data centrally.
  2. Daemons within the Tool collect and poll data from STBs (this process runs every 5 minutes).

Here is a sampling of the graphs generated by the tool.

Reachability and Status of STB

This graph presents the data obtained by periodically polling the STB. The presentation uses color-coding for displaying the following states:

  • Red: STB is not replying to TCP/IP polling (connection refused)
  • Yellow: STB replied and video errors have been reported
    • Error during video start
    • Error during video set sink, et cetera
  • Green: STB replied and no errors have been reported

When you hover the mouse over a specific box, the polling time, IP address of the STB, and count of video errors will be displayed.


Sample Screen:  Polling Data


Packet loss of STB

This graph presents the packets lost that are reported during an STB poll. The presentation uses color-coding for displaying different ranges of loss:

  • Dark Pink: Represents loss of above 1,000 packets
  • Yellow: Represents loss between 101 and 1,000 packets
  • Light Pink: Represents loss between 1 and 100 packets
  • Green: Represents 0 packet loss
  • Gray: No packets expected and received
  • Red: No data; could not connect to STB

When you hover the mouse over a specific box, the following information will be displayed:

  • Polling Time
  • Packets Expected
  • Packets Received
  • Packets Lost
  • Packets Discarded
  • Percentage of packet loss


Sample Screen:  Packet Loss


Jitter Analysis

This graph presents jitter over time as determined from the STB polling*. The red marker indicates a channel change and by hovering over the marker you may view the time, the type of channel change (Broadcast video, nPVR, VoD), and the result of this action.


Sample Screen:  Jitter Analysis


Note that the red marker is put on the next available jitter point and represents all channel change actions that occurred between the previous and the current jitter point.

* Currently the polling interval is 30 seconds for jitter and bandwidth data.

Data will only be displayed if the STB is currently active. Currently the default interval at which STBs are polled is every 5 minutes (unless indicated otherwise). This can be modified in the Monitoring Server.

For more information about the STB Monitoring Tool or to request a demo please contact sales.

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