Parental Controls

Delving deeper into PIN controlled parental controls, here are a few tips and suggestions.

We all know subscribers can create individual accounts for their kids to protect them from accidentally tuning to an “R” rated movie.

We all also know – many subscribers will never create a separate account for their children. 

For these subscribers, Conklin-Intracom created a “Ratings PIN.”  It is the alternate approach and brilliantly simple.  It restricts the main account’s access to unwanted content, requiring a user to enter a PIN to watch higher-rated, racy or indecent content.


  1. Access the “Rating PIN” by selecting “Settings” and then “Accounts” from the on-screen menu of any set top in a home.
  2. Create a PIN and select the lowest “Protected Rating” level.

For users willing to put in the time to personalize their kid’s account, here are some additional options at their disposal:

  1. Modify an account from any set top in their home or via the web interface.
  2. Pre-set the max MPAA content rating to control the type of content a child can access.
  3. Remove or limit access to on-screen purchasing by setting the max dollar amount for each account (parental translation = I am not made of money).
  4. Limit viewing time to certain timeslots, restrict channels and/or programs (parental translation = Do your homework).
  5. Remotely reset PIN numbers via the web interface (parental translation =  Emergency “You are so grounded!”).

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