Network DVR

Network DVR (nDVR) is a feature that allows subscribers to record programming and access recordings independent of their viewing device’s storage capacity. nDVR is a feature of Conklin-Intracom’s cdn|UMS product.

The benefits for subscribers include:

  • Removal of limitations around the number of simultaneous recordings setup during a given timeslot
  • A potential increase in the amount of recordings that can stored (controlled by the provider)
  • A seamless integration between using a set top box (cdn|foundation™) and a mobile device (cdn|anywhere™) – Set a recording on one device; then watch on the other, or pause a recording one device and resume watching on the other.


For an operator, the most important benefit is the significant lower initial investment. nDVR eliminates the need  to deploy STBs with hard drives. It is also hardware agnostic.

With Conklin-Intracom cdn|UMS, you get the added benefit of flexible architecture. You can design your backend operations to best fit your needs today, but know you can easily scale to match your business in the future.  Choose between:

  • Discreet (self-contained server)
  • Expanded (shared SAN)
  • Centralized and distributed options

Like our Restart TV feature, we give you the flexibility to manage your network storage based on space, retention time or hours of programming.

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