My DVR and Whole Home DVR

Access to recorded content is very important to consumers.  Conklin-Intracom offers to 2 options to support digital recordings.

  1. With cdn|foundation, a subscriber can record content to their set top equipped with a hard-drive.  Set top DVRs are limited to a certain number of simultaneous recordings, dependending on the model and hard drive size.
  2. Alternatively, offer Network DVR to subscribers with the implementation of cdn|UMS.  Network DVR is independent of the type of set top. *We will explore Conklin-Intracom’s Network DVR solution in the next newsletter

There are 3 ways for a subscriber to setup a DVR recording:

  1. Remote Control
  2. On Screen
  3. Web Interface

mydvr_remote    mydvr_tvguide



cdn|foundation subscribers can combine this with Whole Home DVR (WHDVR).  This feature allows all recorded content to be accessed from any set top box within a subscriber’s home, regardless if the set top has a hard drive.


Subscribers with DVR set tops can record a single show or a series. They can also customize management of DVR content by:

  • Adjusting the recording window.  Manually extend the timing of the recording to anticipate a sporting event or live shows running long.
  • Prioritizing recordings.  If you have a limited number of simultaneous recordings, set which shows are most important.
  • Setting a deletion PIN.  Control who can delete shows with a DVR deletion PIN.

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