How to Customize Your STB Color Schemes

You may have heard about Pantone’s announcement about the 2016 Colors Of The Year: ROSE QUARTZ & SERENITY*.


Manufacturers were quick to make use of the information (for makeup, paints, clothing and even coffee mugs).  You can too.

Take advantage of the tools available in your Edge Server to build a custom color theme.

fs|cdn Anywhere supports an unlimited number of color schemes. A color scheme is a color “theme” specified by several parameters and when applied it alters the look and feel of displayed menus. A color scheme consists of three distinct “components”, a title, a color scheme template and a description.

Color scheme template The custom settings for the theme
Title The name the customer will see
Description A summary the administrator can view

The basic steps to create a new color theme are:


First, go your edge server and locate Colors Schemes on the FS-CDN Configuration Setup page.

Find and copy an existing theme that closely matches the new idea you wish to create.  Check out Available Color Schemes on the Manage Color Scheme Templates screen, click the Create Like button adjacent to the template you wish to duplicate.  It is recommended you modify an existing theme rather than start from scratch.


Give the copied template a new descriptive name.

Now you can work on selecting new colors for your template.

There are many things you can change.  See below for the complete list of the color parameters you can modify:

Not sure what each parameter means?  Review your “fs|cdn® Edge Configuration Management” manual for a detailed description.


To preview your modified color scheme template, type the IP address of your test set top box in the Target IP for sample page field and click the Preview Color Scheme Template button when you are ready to view your selections.

Once you have saved the new scheme(s) they will be available to subscribers on their  set tops.  Subscriber will be able to select it from the Color Schemes drop down within the Preferences/Appearance on-screen menu.

Need additional help making changes to your EPG color themes? Contact

*For more information about the 2016 pantone colors visit

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