Distributed Network Edge Architecture

Conklin-Intracom designed its distributed network edge architecture to be scalable.

Operators can add edge servers as your subscriber counts grows. Each cdn|foundation edge server can support up to 30,000 set tops or ~10,000 subscribers.  Edge servers can be virtual or physical machines.  Multiple virtual instances can be placed on the same physical machine to further improve the economics of expanding or launching new services.

Beyond scalability, here are three additional reasons to use more edge servers within your fs|cdn solution.

Edge servers can help manage capacity at critical junction points. If you have an IP backbone with a mixture of fiber and DSL connections, install an additional edge server to control settings for DSL connected homes and reduce the number of simultaneous DVR recordings (or consumption of bandwidth) their STBs allows.

If you support multiple business ventures or communities, install additional edge servers to customize elements of the EPG for each community:

  • Logos
  • Color-schemes
  • On-screen texts

Support geographic separate communities. Set each edge server to differentiate:

  • Time zones
  • Weather
  • Local advertising

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