Changing Images

Is your company refreshing its branding? Here are a few places you can quickly implement the change within your cdn|foundation™ user interface.

  Position in cdn|foundation Specs Implementation Tips Directory Location
Color theme All guide pages RGB colors Clone an existing color theme. Use your company name in the title. [How to Customize Your STB Color Schemes]
Login screen Entire screen 720 x 480 pixels (png) If you are not planning to change this image frequently, choose a simply gradient background that puts the focus on your logo and the system generated text information. C:\FS-CDN\Working\EDGE\customerImages
Large menu graphic Upper right above the guide 520 x 130 pixels (png) Keep the full file size, but allow some space around your image so it does not get cut off on screen. C:\FS-CDN\Working\EDGE\customerImages
Company logo Top left of classic menu 60 x 27 pixels (png) Add a drop shadow to your transparent image to avoid pixelated edges. C:\FS-CDN\Working\EDGE\customerImages
Company logo 2 Icon used in ribbon type GUI 60 x 47 pixels (png) C:\FS-CDN\Working\EDGE\customerImages



Sample login page


Sample thumbnail image


Sample company logo


To implement changes, access your edge server and place new files in the appropriate directories. Then, go to the Edge Server Parameters Configuration and find the Miscellaneous Configuration section within it.


You will need to find the below fields to change:

  • Full screen graphics background logo image (login screen)
  • Login Screen Background Image (large menu graphic)
  • Logo Image (company logo)
  • Logo Image For AT Like GUI (company logo 2)

Type in the new graphics file names and hit the Submit button at the bottom of the page.


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