A Question of Storage

During the 2017 User Group Meeting, Randy Holzworth shared what we need to calculate storage needs for Restart TV, VOD and nDVR. For those how did not attend, here is a summary:

  • Determine video bitrates
  • Determine number of channels
  • Determine aggregate of the video input streams
  • Determine time for nDVR storage
  • Determine duration of Restart TVExample information –
(IPTV) # Restart TV HD channels 30
(IPTV) # Restart TV SD channels 0
(IPTV) # nDVRchannels HD 55
(IPTV) # nDVR channels SD 150
(IPTV) Channel Bitrate HD (mbps) 7.2
(IPTV) Channel Bitrate SD (mbps) 3.5
(IPTV) VOD Bitrate 7.2
(ANYWHERE) # Restart TV channels 30
(ANYWHERE) # nDVR channels 30
(ANYWHERE) HLS (live&VOD) high profile (mbps) 4.5
(ANYWHERE) HLS (live&VOD) medium profile (mbps) 1.5
(ANYWHERE) HLS (live&VOD) low profile (mbps) 0.75
(IPTV) Restart TV duration (hours) 24
(IPTV) DVR duration (days) 0.125
(IPTV) Percentage of content ordered for recordings 0
# VOD titles 0
Average VOD title duration in minutes 0
Percentage of storage occupancy (for safety) 100

Once we have this information, our calculator will output an estimated storage size, in TB.

Example output calculation (using different input values) –

To get sample calculations put together for your system, contact Randy or the support team.

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